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Luxury Furniture in London

Do you have dream furniture in mind that you always desired to have in your new homes? Are you struggling to find a bespoke furniture retailer that just meets all your needs and requirement? If you have such desires then Modess brings all solutions to your desires with our Luxury Furniture in London. This is the competitive edge of our company with respect to other competitors. The idea behind custom made furniture is to give our customers the liberty to choose their furniture style and then design ,their way. This makes sure that whatever they are designing is according to their choice and the end product will always be what they desired for. Therefore, all those who have any idea in their mind about the unique furniture design they want for their new homes or for a home that they are renovating, Modess is the right place for consulting and getting it manufactured. The expert designers on board will give complete guidance about the designing and styling of the furniture according to the modern trends that are in the market and that will transform the look of their rooms, in no time. Read More Luxury Furniture in London

Modess Furniture

We are passionate about our products and our customers.Whether you require just a fast efficient delivery of quality furniture for your home or a full room installation and fitting services, Modess Furniture is manufacturing and designing the high end built in furniture in London since 10 years and has established its recognized position in the market. We have made strong relationships with interior designers, architects, project managers or client representatives, private clients and property developers.

We are offering Modess Furniture at competitive prices. We have a massive team of professionals, who are strong-minded and achieving the goals of the company .Our enduring designs of furniture can give pleasure to our clients both now and for many years to come.If you’d like to visit us at our showroom, it is situated at 315-Finchley Road, London, NW3 6EH.It is open Mon to Sat 10.00 – 18.00 and on Sunday it’s open 11.00 – 17.00. Read More Modess Furniture

Dining chairs services Finchley Road

Is your dining room dull and gloomy? Do you wish to transform the look of your dining room? Are you in need of professional services that will help in improving the look of your dining room? If you are in need of all this then you have just landed on the right page. Yes, Modess is the only high end furniture store that will help in changing the entire look of not only your dining room but your entire home. They provide high end built in furniture that you have always dreamt of having. They guarantee quality furniture items which are strong, durable and long lasting. They have fine polishing on them to give a unique glow. They are specially known for their dining chairs services Finchley Road. These dining chairs are carefully made keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the customers. There are a range of different designs for chairs available in the market. These designs are made according to the modern demands and everything that is in vogue today. The customers have a variety to choose from and they come up to their expectations. Read More Dining chairs services Finchley Road

Luxury Furniture Package for Rental Properties

Are you planning to rent out your home? Or are you shifting to a new rental place? Do you have trouble in setting up your new home? Are you in need of good furniture packages? Get access to Modess’ luxury furniture package for rental properties today. Modess is one of the leading furniture stores in London that specializes in all kinds of home interior and exterior furniture. It has a range of options for its customers to choose from. The furniture can be tailor made according to the choice and needs of the customers. This is done by arranging a meeting with the customers and discussing their requirements in detail. After this a sketch is made for the furniture for approval. Once the customer approves the furniture, the manufacturing process begins. The final product is exactly the same as the one which was ordered and planned by the customer. This is done to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied and there is no room for complaints. So what are you waiting for? Go and purchase your favorite products from the furniture store today. Read More Luxury Furniture Package for Rental Properties

High quality dining tables collection

We know how vital the kitchen or dining table is to your household being the central point of any home and the place where you entertain and relish family meals. At Modess, we’ve created a variety of high quality dining tables to suit every taste, from modern kitchen designs to more traditional, formal styles and even extendable tables too. You can find a huge range of Dining tables services for home in north London. Read More High quality dining tables collection

Dining chairs services Finchley Road

A home constitutes of a number of important rooms which serve different purpose. One of the very important rooms in a home is the dining room. This is the room where members of the family get together to have their meals, 3 times a day. Not only this, it is probably the only room where all the members sit and have a chat. They discuss important issues and reach decisions. Hence, the overall ambiance of this room needs to be really sophisticated and up to date to make their time sitting comfortable and enjoyable. Keeping this factor in mind, Modess came up with the idea of designing such unique and comfortable furniture which will make your meals enjoyable and memorable. For this purpose, we launched our wonderful collection of dining chairs services Finchley Road. These dining chairs are extremely comfortable and come with a modern and stylish dining table. These are available in a range of different designs and styles from which you can choose according to their requirements and family size. Read More Dining chairs services Finchley Road

Extensive range of home furniture

Home furniture &interior Finchley Road London

Are you tired of the same old look of your room? Do you need to bring a change to the overall ambiance of your home? Are you fed up of your worn out interiors at home? Then you don’t have to worry at all. Modess brings you an ultimate opportunity to transform the look of your room and home in no time. With our excellent furniture making services we provide you with the best home furniture & interior Finchley Road London. Our furniture is especially prepared keeping in mind the modern trends and styles which are in vogue today. We do a complete market survey after which we plan our furniture designing. In this regard we make sure that there is no compromise in our quality of furniture. So we use fine quality materials in the manufacturing of all our the furniture products. This helps us in satisfying our valuable clients, which in return compels them to visit and buy from us time and time again. Read More Extensive range of home furniture

Home Furniture solutions

Custom made furniture in north London

Shopping for home’s interior is a very selective thing. It depends upon a person’s choice and they decorate their home interior according to their needs and demands. The most important part of a home’s interior is its furniture. The trends in the furniture are constantly changing and everyone wants to stay updated with the current trends. So people are always looking for the kind of furniture for their home which is trendy, in vogue, unique and stylish. To come up to all such expectations of our clients, Modess launches its customer made furniture in north London. This implies that the furniture designs are prepared through consultation with the client. A meeting is arranged in which the client informs about his needs and requirements and the kind of design he wants. After that a sketch is drawn of the furniture. When the client approves it, the manufacturing process begins.

Luxury Furniture package in north London

Instead of buying every single furniture item separately, Modess offers luxury furniture package in north London. This is a wonderful package which includes complete sets of bedroom, living room and dining room furniture to choose from. There is a huge collection of designs available online to select. The client can also tell about their specifications and the changes can be made in terms of color, fabric, design and style. The end product which reaches the client is exactly the perfect one that he ordered for.

Dining tables services for home in north London

One of the most in demand product of Modess are, our dining tables. Modess provides dining tables services for home in north London. They come in various shapes, styles and sizes. Clients choose these tables keeping in mind the number of family members they have and the style of dining table which they want. They inform us about all the prior details after which the order is confirmed. Modes does not compromises on the quality and uniqueness of the products which we manufacture. All our products are durable and there is no room for complaints.

Extensive range of furniture

Custom made furniture in London

Modess is a leading company of Custom made furniture in London. We are producing an extensive variety of fitted furniture for private and business clients. Each one of our items is made to exact client sizes utilizing an imaginative plan and assembling framework. Our main aim is to give the complete services of Custom made furniture in London to our customers with supreme quality , innovative design and manufacturing system. We have a huge production capacity with the highest productivity and professional staff ratios in the industry. Read More Extensive range of furniture